MemberTrek© Module

Easily manage your clubs' membership information

MemberTrek© is a comprehensive add-on module for JarTrek™ that allows you to manage membership including, general member information, member dues billing, and accounting. Management spends a lot of time and energy maintaining this data for their clubs. MemberTrek© provides a user friendly interface to maintain and update this necessary membership information. All member related payments can be made via the point of sale workstation, while updating the member data automatically. MemberTrek© also provides a built in word processor and label generator, allowing you to send personalized mailings for membership cards, birthdays, anniversaries, and general announcements. MemberTrek© can also be interfaced with a door system, depending on the type of door controller you have, allowing you to enable or disable a specific access control card.

Examples of MemberTrek© Module on JarTrek™ POS

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