Benefits of JarTrek™

  • Compliance – ensure that your club reports are meeting Pennsylvania Liquor Control Enforcements requirements.
  • Legacy – club has offered many years of fellowship, fun and an opportunity to help others through its philanthropic endeavors. You are part of the club and the club is part of you. You belong. Help ensure it has a strong foundation for future generations.
  • Process – JarTrek™ helps you and your fellow club members create a process that helps your club better manage the way it does business for years to come regardless of personnel changes.
  • Protect/track your income and manage your inventory
  • Leasing is available as well as convenient payment terms.
  • Installation and training provided.
  • Support –24 hours a day/ 7 days a week / 365 days a year Contact Us
  • Simple to use / user-friendly (with touch of your fingertip)
Yes JarTrek™ is very easy for the servers & bartenders to record sales quickly, with the touch of a button, and provide detailed information of all items sold and winners of prizes in easy to read reports.
No the JarTrek™ POS System is designed with security in mind; each employee is assigned their own unique log-in code that allows them to do only the functions that management has indicated also all price changes and item additions are done in the back office to help keep your JarTrek™ system secure.
The JarTrek™ POS/Computer system is a comprehensive system with a touchscreen register in the front of house and a powerful management computer system and printer configured specifically for the software in the back office.
Yes JarTrek™ currently generates most of the Schedules (ie..2,2-A, 5) required to be maintained in the licensed premises by the Local Options Small Games of Chance Act.
Yes most of the reporting functions of JarTrek™ allow management to produce reports in the back office for any time period, any item, or group of items, including Small Games of Chance which is also available by serial #, and most reports by employee.
JarTrek™ is fully customized for each customer’s business, the items you sell, at the prices you establish additionally changing any of these items is simple for management staff and JarTrek support is always just a phone call away 24/7. Click here for our contact information!
Yes Lease to own programs are available allowing you to start enjoying the benefits of JarTrek™ while making low monthly payments and at the end of the term of the lease you still own your system. Click here for the leasing application.
  • Powerful Controls – Game inventory is tracked by serial number including profit analyis by game type. Sales data provided for proper food and liquor control.
  • Reduce Paperwork – Detailed reporting of all items sold able to be accessed by date and time.
  • POS Power Cash Register Simple – Easy to use at the bar. Robust back office tools to increase club profits.
  • Consolidation - Capable of doing bar sales and ticket sales in the same transaction.
  • Tracking - Tracks all games of chance by serial numbers with complete reconcoliation for the PLCE Jurisdictional Report.
  • Easy and Fast Processing - Touch screen and scanning interfaces proved bartenders with easy to use tools for accurate sales. Reduce losses due to cashier errors.
  • Flexibility – Custom programmed for you with your menu and prices. Easily change prices and add items on the fly.
  • Electronic Journals - Track every transaction in daily journal that can be viewed in exact detail. Review the day's activity on screen or make a hard copy.

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